Our Design

Goharbin Design Team

One of the most important aspects of the Goharbin design DNA is the ability to transform diamonds and precious gemstones into one-of-a-kind creations, through exceptional technique in craftmanship and design.

Check out some of our latest design from “Goharbin High Jewelry Collection”

Sun Design Pearl Earrings

with 36 round cut diamonds weighing 0.44 carats and with 12 pearls of size 4 and 2 pearls of size 7

Diamond Ring Farm Set

118 round cut diamonds , 2 yellow and 2 round cut black diamonds

Arc Brilliant Earring

Set with 2 pear shape emerald of 0.23 carat and 20 marquis shape diamonds of 1.44 carat

Diamonds and Coloured Pearl Earrings

Set with 3 Teardrop cut Diamonds & 6 Marquise cut Diamonds & 54 Brilliant Cut Diamonds & 6 Australian Coloured Pearls

Pearl Diamond Branch Earrings

Setn with 40 Round cut Brilliant Diamonds & 4 Australian White Pearls & 2 Golden Pearls

Flower Black Pearl Diamond Earrings

Set with Two Tahitian Black Pearl & 306 Round-cut Diamonds