Koorosh Goharbin

Founder of Goharbin brand

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My name is Koorosh Goharbin, and I have been in the gold and jewelry industry for about 60 years. I was born in May 1957 and grew up in a family among unique masters of the art. My father, Mahmoud Goharbin, was a genius of his time in trading, knowing, and manufacturing jewels and gems, and had a passion for teaching the craft to others. Having traded with many European and Asian countries and cities in Iran, he was among few jewel makers at the time who had unique ideas for designing jewels and gems, some of which are still passed down to later generations in families and some are on the showcase at the Jewelry Museum of the Central Bank. He trained many students who were mostly among high-profile businesspeople in Iran and other countries, and their children are also actively involved in the industry.

A brand’s reputation can be measured by the public judgment.

That is why he was granted the honorary title of “Mahmoud of Iran” for his contributions to the jewelry industry of Iran. Besides working in his factory and shop, he was involved in trading finished jewels and gems, and exported some of his products to jewelers in other cities and neighboring countries. Like my father, his father and grandfather and their children were prominent traders and craftsmen of their time and were always admired by the community and the Royal Court of the time. My family business began in Qajar time, and it is almost two centuries that such experience and art have been passed down from generation to generation in my family.

My father was rigorous in teaching and sharing his ancestors’ experiences with his children and employees. He attached great importance to making the finest jewelry and having good manners towards people. In doing business, he was very loyal and honest.

My mother was one of the intellectual women of her time and one of the first women to hold a university degree. She was always involved in her husband’s business affairs.

My father believed that his children had to go to school and learn the essentials of the industry so that the art of the jewelry making would remain as a family legacy. Today, I am thankful and indebted to my father because he shared his knowledge with his children. That’s why it is indeed the greatest asset of my life, and it is my pleasure to continue my father’s path. As my father planned, from the early years of my childhood, I started to learn from him about the jewelry and gold industry. In 1980 my father recommended that I should go US to study the modern art of jewelry design and manufacture at the Gemological Institute of America, where I learned great techniques from the masters of the industry.

In 2001, because of my keen interest in the jewelry industry, I joined the Trade Union of Gold, Jewelry, Silver and Coin Dealers and Manufacturers of Tehran and was in charge of the union for nine years consecutively. I believed that art has originated from Iran, and the art of jewelry, which had seven thousand years of history in Iran, must flourish again. I also firmly believed that we must sell jewels and gems made by our craftsmen, not the ones made in other countries.

I am delighted with my nine years of functioning in the union, where I was able to develop specific patterns in this industry and was able to regulate the business of the members and show to the public that this profession must be built upon honesty and trustworthiness. It was regrettable to see that many new-comers to this profession ignored this critical principle and failed to succeed and had to shut down their business.

I take pride in manufacturing high-quality products, honoring the public trust, respecting the norms, and safeguarding my fathers’ legacy. Over the years, I have always served the community with a well-versed and skillful staff and my dear family -my spouse and three children – who have always been learning from me and taking courses overseas. I am thrilled that they are among masters of this industry, and I am confident that like their father and grandfathers, they will share everything about their artistic and social skills and techniques with their children, and my future generations will proudly continue this career.

Best Regards

Koorosh Goharbin