The Story of

The most beautiful stories have always been about finding and conquering treasures. Treasures have been at the heart of stories about kings and conquerors, empires, and wars. From the sinking of a pirate ship to the sinister diamonds and cities buried in the earth and full of gold and silver, the sparkle of treasures has a unique ability to bring out the best and worst in each of us. From mythology to pure fantasy, all stories have one thing in common. They all have one shared sparkle in their hearts, a gem that wins the hearts and invites the eyes to a party of splendor and elegance. Every gem with a different charm has a story hidden in its heart, unique features, and beauties of ancient history that have penetrated them like pearls.

It's a story about us.


Their color, shine, cut, and how they are formed and found are beyond physical facts. That is why the story of the gems is not about facts. This legend is associated with beauty and power, status and symbol, a value that tangible criteria can never express.  It is impossible to tell this story like the ordinary one. The story of gems must be told stone by stone. All stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end, but the story of gems has no beginning and no end. It is the story of humanity. It’s all about everything happened to us to date. The days of victory and defeat of the first kings, the days of finding rare diamonds in the heart of coal. The story of the creation of the world from the beginning of humanity until today. It’s a story about us.

Throughout history, gemstones have had not only a symbolic form but also the power that lies within them. That is why treasures have led to wars, legends, and enchantments throughout history. This power has bred the craftsmanship and created empires that emerged and fell because everyone has been looking for the beautiful, valuable, powerful, and rare.

What makes these gemstones so valuable and powerful? After all, they are not more than one piece of stone, yet we worship them and adorn ourselves with them and give them magical meaning and power. Gems have been both poison and medicine—the benchmark for everything from truth to danger. Humans have always used them as symbols of virtue, aristocracy, and even divinity.

Man is always seeking and wishing. Just as they desire to be beautiful and adorned, so they love to own precious things. But what makes them so fascinated by jewelry and gemstones. Is it about their shine, beauty, or material value? What is the secret of man’s great desire to have these stones? It is a simple question that has a deceptive and tricky answer.

Answers to this question can be found among the mysterious manuscripts of history. But these answers are not necessarily all true. According to the natural sciences, our brain is stimulated when confronted with a beautiful phenomenon. When realizing its value, it increases our desire to own it. This beauty affects and impairs our emotions and clouds our judgment. But there is another reason why our brains process the color of these precious stones differently. The charm of ruby and an emerald amplifies in our brains. This charm is rooted in the inherent beauty of these stones.

 Our eyes are attracted to every life-giving phenomenon, and just as we enjoy seeing clear water, we are thrilled to look at a piece of a finely cut diamond. The emerald green color takes us to the depths of the woods, and we are intoxicated by looking at a ruby as we are walking among a garden of spring flowers. The proud rainbow of diamonds evades from our eyes, and the more we look, the more we fall in love. Admiration of beauty is encoded in our human instincts, and the decoding of this attribute is in the hands of everything beautiful that we have around us. Every gem is a world of beauty that must be unfolded. Join us in the journey of discovering this glory of creation.

Gems have been both poison and medicine—the benchmark for everything from truth to danger.

— The Story of Gems —