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The teardrop turquoise medal

The teardrop turquoise medal designed by Goharbin has 36 round cut diamonds and a teardrop turquoise.

Goharbin’s Turquoise medal

Goharbin’s Turquoise medal deigned by 1 oval turquoise  and 78 round cut diamonds.

Gohabin Turquoise Diamond Earrings

Set with Two Damghan Turquoise & 112 Round-cut Brilliant Diamonds

Diamond Turquoise Ring

Set with 124 round cut diamonds & 27 baguette cut diamonds & one turquoise

Turquoise Brilliant Earrings

Set with  26 round cut diamonds of 0.16 carat and 2 turquoises of 0.600 gr

Turquoise Branch Earrings

Set with 42 round cut diamonds of 0.44 carat ,2 turquoise of 1.550 gr and  8 brilliant cut of 0.26 carat