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Brilliant Ring

Brilliant Ring set with a Frank Muller-shape diamond of 4.21 carats and 2 pear-shape diamonds

Brilliant Bracelet

Bracelet set with 56 marquise-cut diamonds and 28 brilliant-cut diamonds

Colombian Emerald Necklace

‏Necklace set with 1 pear-shaped Colombian emerald of 11.85 carats and 14 round-shape diamonds and 43 pear-shape diamonds

Ceylon Sapphire Necklace

Ceylon Sapphire necklace set with 8 oval-shape Ceylon sapphire of 7.43 carats and 45 round brilliant-cut diamonds and 18 marquise-shape diamonds and 25 pear-shape diamonds

Brilliant Necklace

Necklace set with 22 pear-shape diamonds and 34 round brilliant-cut diamonds and 20 marquise-shape diamonds

Brilliant Necklace

Necklace set with 2 pear-shape diamonds and 62 marquise-shape diamonds and 53 round brilliant-cut diamonds

Brilliant Ring

Ring set with 26 round brilliant-cut diamonds

Blue Diamond Cufflinks

Cufflinks set with 36 round brilliant-cut diamonds and 56 round brilliant-cut blue diamonds

Sapphire Pendant

Pendant set with 3 round-shape Ceylon sapphire of 2.69 carats and 45 round brilliant-cut Diamonds

Sapphire Ring

Ring set with 4 marquise-shape Ceylon sapphire of 6.20 carats and 180 round brilliant-cut diamonds