Goharbin Pendants Collection

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Ruby Diamond Pendant

set with 100 Round-cut white Brilliants & One Round-cut Ruby

White Gold Diamond Flower Cluster Pendant

Set with 16 Black Diamonds & 20 Round-cut White Brilliants

Diamond & Colored Pearl Pendant

Set with 4 Baguette-cut Diamonds & 4 Round-cut White Brilliants & one colored Pearl

Diamond Star Pendant

Set with 6 Marquise cut Diamonds & One Round-cut White Brilliant

Fantasy Diamond Pendant

Set with 32 Round cut white Brilliant Diamonds

Gold & Diamond Flower Pot Pendant

Set with 2 Round cut white Brilliant of 0.05 carats

Diamond Pave Crab Pendant

96 Round cut white Brilliant with a Rose Gold chain

Pearl & Diamond Flower Pendant

48 Round cut white Brilliant & one Colored Pearl 

Sapphire Rose Gold Pendant

Set with 51 Brilliant Diamonds & One Oval cut Sapphire

Diamond Weave Motif Pendant

Set with 11 Round cut white Brilliant of 0.09 carats