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Emerald Diamond Pendant

Goharbin Emerald Diamond Pendant set with two Colombian Emeralds of 0.67 carats and 77 Round-cut white Brilliant Diamonds of 0.63 carats and 3 Baguette cut Diamonds of 0.09 carats comes...

Colombian Emerald Bracelet

Emerald Bracelet set with 6 oval -shape Colombian emerald of 7.04 carats and 116 round brilliant-cut diamonds and 80 marquise-shape diamonds and 26 baguette -shape diamonds

Colombian Emerald Earrings

Earrings set with 2 pear-shape Colombian emerald of 14.80 carats and 16 emerald-shape diamonds and 14 cushion-cut yellow diamonds...

Colombian Emerald Necklace

‏Necklace set with 1 pear-shaped Colombian emerald of 11.85 carats and 14 round-shape diamonds and 43 pear-shape diamonds

Emerald Pendant

Pendant set with 1 pear-shape Colombian emerald of 2.43 carats and 2 pear-shape diamonds and 10 round brilliant-cut Diamonds

Colombian Emerald Earrings

Earrings set with 22 pear and oval-shape Colombian emerald of 7.73 carats and 10 pear-shape diamonds and 14 marquise-shape diamonds and 2 round brilliant-cut diamonds

Arc Brilliant Earring

Arc Brilliant Earring set with 2 pear shape emerald of 0.23 carat and 20 marquis shape diamonds of 1.44 carat presents a crescent of beauty and art.